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Aloha! Welcome to lettucedoyoga.com.

This website is, as most things are, a work in progress. It is an offering to share my love of yoga, bodywork and Earth based practices with the world. I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher and since committing to the path of Yoga, my life has truly become more enjoyable, more playful and more loving. I am a student of Life first and I do my very best to keep my cup empty so I can receive the many lessons born in every moment.

In this very amazing and incredible time on the planet, I am more committed to living in harmony with Nature as best I can. Gardening is my passion. Growing food,  fostering life, and deepening my relationship to the planet is crucial for me. Yoga is another wonderful way in which I foster connection not only to that outside of myself but especially to all that is within myself. I am blessed to be on the magical island of Maui where it is absolutely impossible to not be deeply affected by nature. Nature is beautiful, awesome, ferocious, radical, magical, inspiring and jaw dropping. Sometimes, the practice feels like all that too..

It's awesome. Welcome to your practice, Welcome to Lettucedoyoga...

Blessings of Love and Light, Erika

erika.lechugadisalvo@gmail.com  808.250.5548

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